At SAHARANSKY, we work to maximize the benefits created by tourism by employing local staff and leaders, and featuring local suppliers wherever possible. We encourage our travelers to purchase sustainable, locally-produced goods, and help them to travel in an environmentally-friendly way.

Every part of our business, from our global office staff to the leaders on our trips, plays a role in ensuring we offer only responsible travel experiences. That’s where our Responsible Travel Policy comes in.

Responsible Travel

The policy outlines our commitment to giving back to the places we travel, supporting communities, preserving the environment and protecting the rights of the most vulnerable. As part of the policy, all our leaders, suppliers and staff are trained to respect cultural and religious practices and differences. This includes dressing appropriately and portraying destinations respectfully on-ground. We also minimize our use of resources (water, waste, energy) on our trips, reducing our carbon emissions and using local transport where feasible.

Commitment to Economic Growth

Since our inception, we’ve partnered with local businesses, entities, tour operators, guides, and drivers. Our business operations provide employment for over 150 locals, boosting local economies, particularly in regions with limited industrial development.

Dedicated to fostering social advancement, we actively support numerous organizations in the areas where we work. We are firm believers in the power of education to unlock the potential of the youth for a more sustainable and better future. Travel Talk is committed to aiding organizations that focus on the education and rehabilitation of local communities, with a special emphasis on young women. We invite you to join us in our efforts to enhance educational opportunities, especially in places like Jordan, Egypt, and Morocco.

Additionally, we regularly sponsor charity events, supporting a variety of charities annually. We seize every chance to organize fundraisers within the community, often offering holiday packages as contributions.

Commitment to Community Engagement

Our travelers are more than just tourists; they are passionate explorers who deeply respect and engage with the cultures, traditions, and customs of the places they visit. This fosters a meaningful and respectful cross-cultural dialogue. During tours, our local guides provide valuable insights into cultural and social etiquette, aligning with our core values, which we proudly share with all our guests.

The impact of our approach is evident across our tour offerings. For example, our tours in Morocco navigate through some of the most undeveloped regions where tourism significantly contributes to local progress. In key destinations, we employ local guides alongside our tour leaders for their in-depth knowledge. We carefully arrange visits to local homes, workshops, and community projects, like the pottery workshop in a Saharan Oasis, tea sessions with Berber villagers, and the Women’s Cooperative of Argan Oil. These initiatives not only offer unique experiences but also drive sustainable economic growth and community development.

We are dedicated to contributing positively to every community we touch. Our passion for social development, awareness, sustainability, and responsibility is at the heart of what we do. Alongside our guests, we are committed to working with local communities for a brighter future, harnessing the transformative power of travel.

Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

SAHARANSKY is acutely aware of the environmental impact of tourism on climate and ecosystems. We are dedicated to minimizing our carbon footprint through the use of efficient transportation methods, sustainable practices, and robust waste management policies in both our destinations and corporate offices. We firmly oppose any form of animal mistreatment and prioritize visits to establishments that focus on animal protection and rehabilitation, which are greatly appreciated by our travelers.

In our offices, we actively engage in recycling and managing energy consumption. Our efforts include reusing paper and printer cartridges and significantly reducing printed materials. Embracing digital communication, we have virtually eliminated the need for printed paper, opting to connect with our clients primarily online or via phone.

Our environmental responsibility is integral to all our tours. We consistently choose buses with lower environmental impacts, promoting eco-friendly travel throughout the year. In India, we provide each guest with a personal refillable water thermos to eliminate plastic use. In Morocco, we support the ban on plastic bags to diminish waste, a policy we encourage at all our destinations. In Egypt, we sail the Nile on engineless traditional Feluccas to preserve the environment. In Greece, since ceasing major sailing tours in 2014, we utilize public ferries with lower gas emissions for island-hopping excursions.

We are vigilant in maintaining the cleanliness and preservation of every site we visit, especially natural areas and parks. Our guides ensure all trash is collected before departing each location, and we provide clear guidelines to our travelers on how to avoid environmentally harmful behaviors, like the risk of forest fires from cigarette use during summer.