At SAHARANSKY, we work to maximize the benefits created by tourism by employing local staff and leaders, and featuring local suppliers wherever possible. We encourage our travelers to purchase sustainable, locally-produced goods, and help them to travel in an environmentally-friendly way.

Every part of our business, from our global office staff to the leaders on our trips, plays a role in ensuring we offer only responsible travel experiences. That’s where our Responsible Travel Policy comes in.

Responsible Travel

The policy outlines our commitment to giving back to the places we travel, supporting communities, preserving the environment and protecting the rights of the most vulnerable. As part of the policy, all our leaders, suppliers and staff are trained to respect cultural and religious practices and differences. This includes dressing appropriately and portraying destinations respectfully on-ground. We also minimize our use of resources (water, waste, energy) on our trips, reducing our carbon emissions and using local transport where feasible.