Who We Are?

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with SAHARANSKY, a renowned and accredited tour operator. As a recipient of multiple awards, we specialize in crafting exhilarating and meticulously organized trips and activities that promise an experience of a lifetime.

For over 30 years, we have been leading travelers around the world, experiencing adventures, discovering new places and reuniting with old friends, all while creating countless unforgettable moments. It’s been more than three decades of transforming how people perceive the world.


Our offerings are centered around extraordinary experiences. We excel in leading our guests down untrodden paths, facilitating a rich engagement with the local culture. Each of our guides is a regional authority, committed to designing unforgettable and distinct adventures.


Our vision is to transform our destinations into renowned hubs for adventure travel. We are dedicated to offering more than just a getaway; our goal is to provide extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Our commitment lies in ensuring not only the safest but also the most distinct local experiences – ones that forge enduring memories.

Our adventures span the globe, taking you from the misty mountains of Nepal to the vibrant reefs of Australia, the ancient ruins of Peru, and beyond. Each destination is carefully selected to offer unique experiences and breathtaking landscapes.


Handcrafted tours

We offer you the flexibility to design your own trip exactly how you like it. You can decide how and when to travel, the level of service and the hotel standard. Pack in as many activities and locations as possible, or incorporate some relaxation and free time to explore on your own terms. With all that choice it can seem overwhelming, so we have a small, tight-knit tailor-made team of experts to give advice and assist you to craft the ideal trip.

Transportation Services

Whether you’re a group of friends or a corporate group organizing your next event, a Travel Agent or a Tour Operator Our professional drivers can meet all your needs creating first-class experiences. Let our experienced Chauffeurs and fleet exceed your expectations. Contact our team today to customize your tour.

Accomodation and Activities

Adventure awaits at every turn with us. Whether it’s trekking in the Himalayas, scuba diving in the Caribbean, exploring the Sahara on a camel, or kayaking through the fjords of Norway, we have activities to suit every level of thrill-seeker. Our experienced and certified guides ensure your safety and enjoyment at all times.