Guidance - Whenever, Wherever

Our professional guides have been to the four corners of the desert. They have lead and continue to lead desert adventures, luxury adventures, and treks in Tunisia. Travel with us! As our guest, you will experience the benefit of our guides’ expertise. Safety and luxury are our promises to you. Knowledgeable and experienced guides are on hand at all times for our guests.

You won’t find a crew with more years on the desert and better credentials than SaharanSky. All are exceptional navigators and have advanced certifications in desert rescue and wilderness first aid. Sharing their love for sahara and providing a thoroughly enjoyable experience is their number one priority.

Communication - Above & Beyond

WHEN YOU’RE OUT adventuring beyond the reach of cellphone towers — at the desert — it’s reassuring to think there’s somebody back home who knows exactly where you are. But in order to pass along your whereabouts to friends, family, and fellow travelers (or even search-and-rescue teams) while you’re deep in the wilderness, you’ll need a satellite messenger/terminal. Well, did you know that there's already a fast and reliable satellite-based solution available to you? And best of all, it's available right now!

We offer redundancy options and regular options so you are always connected. If you are still unsure about what SaharanSky satellite internet/phone can do for you, do not wait any longer, find out today. Our goal is to help you save money and get the high-quality service that you want and need to stay connected.

Devices- Stay Connected Everywhere You Go


Iridium Go